Wellness Check and Cleaning

Ensure Your Child Develops Proper Oral Hygiene

Wellness exams and dental cleaning in Bozeman, MT

Trust the team at the Children’s Dental Health Center when it’s time for your child’s routine exam. We will discuss your child’s dental and medical history and create a personalized oral hygiene plan. These appointments typically take about 30 minutes.

For very young children we perform lap-to-lap exams. We will talk about teething, how the teeth are coming in, best brushing techniques, and future orthodontic needs.

When children are ready for the dental chair (big chair) we will: conduct a traditional exam, take x-rays if needed, instruct your child on proper brushing techniques, talk about current and future orthodontic needs.


In addition to routine exams and cleanings, we offer restorative service, braces and aligners.

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