Put your child's oral health in experienced hands

Dr Steinmetz utilizes over 25 years of experience to deliver exceptional orthodontic services.

Early/Phase 1 Orthodontic treatment: Some children benefit by starting orthodontic treatment early (between 8-9 years of age) to make space, align, and create a better environment for the rest of the permanent teeth to erupt. This first phase can include expanders, braces, and retainers. This is the first step (phase) of braces and the majority of these children will need a second phase when all the permanent teeth erupt.

Full Braces/Phase 2 Orthodontic treatment: When all the permanent teeth erupt is when the final aligning happens which is typically between ages 12-14. This treatment includes full braces or clear aligners.

Clear Aligners: For some the use of clear aligners would be a great treatment option instead of braces.

Dr Steinmetz will customize the appropriate orthodontic treatment for your child.

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